Six Figure Faith Virtual Assisting

Whether you are an author, a speaker, a blogger, a Pastor, a coach, or a business-owner, chances are, you are in need of a Virtual Assistant. Maybe you don’t know technology very well, maybe you are too busy to get all of the things done you would like to get done, or maybe you just don’t want to do it- you need a Virtual Assistant.

My goal is success- not just mine, but yours.

Your brand, time and money are all important to you and I get that- you want the best price, the best service, and the best product, and my goal is to provide that.

Whether you are in need of:

  • general transcription- maybe you have video’s or mp3’s of you speaking and want it typed up into a blog post, an article, or even a book.
  • Image creation- maybe you need a header for your blog, social media, or business page; maybe a nice Kindle book cover; maybe a meme to share on social media, or maybe a pin-able pinterest photo to go with your blog post.

Six Figure Faith Image examples

  • Social Media Management- maybe you need someone to schedule posts in hootsuite (or postplanner or another service you use) to twitter, facebook, and instagram; maybe you need meme’s, articles, or more engagement so you can interact and grow your audience.

Check out Services and Pricing  for a more complete list of services I offer and their prices.

If you don’t see a service listed and are curious if I offer it, or to discuss your needs further,  please feel free to contact me!

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